• Egg
  • Hatchling
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female

The Amaltheas are golden, goat-like creatures, prized for the shimmering wool that they produce. They were one of the first four creatures on the site (along with the European Phoenix, Archipelago Leatherback and Botanical Hydras) and were the first rare creatures.

How to find it Edit

The Amalthea is a rare creature that can be found in the Atelier and Sanctuary, assuming another user has bred it.

Codex Information Edit

Amalthea babies, known as "Kids", are quite defenseless, relying primarily on the strength and caring natures of their parents to keep them safe from predators. The sheen that eminates from their wool catches the eyes of many, such as predators and poachers. Due to the rather docile nature of the kids, provided you can get close to one without being attacked by its parents, you can easily befriend and tame one to become a pet, rather than just livestock.

Amaltheas, at their prime, stand as tall as your average pony does, but are not nearly as friendly. They are herded into large, fenced-in fields in order to clean up weeds and cut the grass to a reasonable length. Amaltheas are rather protective of their young, who they care for until they grow up into adults. The wool of an Amalthea can be harvested to make beautiful, yet highly expensive, golden cloth to be worn by royalty and high-ranking officials.

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Height- 4'8"
  • Weight- 240 lbs
  • Scientific name- Hircum Aureum
  • Artist- Kerosena[1]