Archipelago LeatherbackEdit

  • Egg
  • Hatchling
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female

The Archipelago Leatherbacks are large turtles based off of islands. They were one of the first four creatures on the site (along with the European Phoenix, Amalthea and Botanical Hydras) and were the first uncommon creatures.

How to find it Edit

The Leatherback is an uncommon creature found in the Atelier. This creature can breed, so one may find eggs in the Sanctuary as well.

Codex Information Edit

Baby Archipelago Leatherbacks are rather curious about the world around them. Upon hatching, they will remain in one place for hours on end, digesting everything around them they see. The soft and gentle nature of the Leatherback has caused many to want them as an exotic pet of sorts. This act has drastically dwindled down the Archipelago Leatherback's wild population, whilst inflating the captivity-raised population, as well as exotic pet population.

The Archipelago Leatherbacks are generally solitary creatures, casually cruising the surface of the oceans in search for a nutritious, fish-flavored morsel. During mating season however, Leatherbacks from all over the seas gather together, creating a pseudo-island. There have been tales of impoverished magus who have become stranded on the Leatherback's shell after landing on the pseudo-island during mating season.

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Height- 9'10"
  • Weight- 784 lbs
  • Scientific name- Ave Insulum
  • Artist- Kerosena[1]