Botanical HydraEdit

  • Egg
  • Hatchling Female
  • Hatchling Female
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female

The Botanical Hydra is a creature based off the mythological Hydra. It possesses multiple heads which think independently from one another. They were one of the first four creatures on the site (along with the European Phoenix, Amalthea and Archipelago Leatherback) and were the first common creatures.

How to find it Edit

The Hydra is a common creature found in the Atelier. This creature can breed, so one may find eggs in the Sanctuary as well.

Codex Information Edit

Baby Botanical Hydras lack any sense of unity with their three heads. The three heads cannot agree on anything what-so-ever, and will even fight to the death with one of its fellow heads. Due to the three heads each wanting to do their own thing, the hydra's movements often than not appear to be disjointed, puzzling, or even a combination of the two, thus causing confusion by anyone or anything watching them, amazed that the hydra can actually walk at all.

Adult Botanical Hydras, despite its non-aggressive sounding name, are actually quite ferocious. Capable of ripping an entire redwood tree from the ground with all three of its heads, they are not to be taken lightly in the slightest. The three heads work cooperatively with one another, be it fighting off other hydras or hunting. However, when it comes to eating, the three heads will viciously fight one another for first dibs, usually leading to scars upon their snouts.

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Height- 7'3"
  • Weight- 184 lbs
  • Scientific name- Draco Triceps
  • Artist- Corteo[1]