Catfish kits are fairly shy and prefer to play with each other rather than with their human owners. One way that they do this is simply hiding from their owners and waiting for them to give up looking for them, only to come out and surprise them.

How to find itEdit

They can be found in the Atelier, or bred Catfish can be found in the Sanctuary.

Codex InformationEdit

Early explorers were baffled by the catfish when it was first discovered deep in its rainforest home. They lived in small but stable populations in shallow river systems. Having few predators, the catfish were not startled by the explorers and would even approach them. They feed off small aquatic animals, including reptiles, mollusks and insects. They're rather social and live in small groups called "pops". The word comes from the creatures' habit of moving in unison while traveling down rivers. They remain mostly concealed by the water; when they surface for air, however, they come up together and pop up to the surface, only to disappear again seconds later. Catfish are at home mostly in the water, but come out on land to sun themselves on shorelines. At these times there are always two or more lookouts watching for predators. If a possible threat approaches, the sentries will give out a sharp chirp warning the rest of the pop of the danger. The catfish has a wide variety of other calls and tend to be quite vocal amongst themselves, yet are fairly silent around humans.

The catfish was nearly wiped out in its homeland due to many people porting the creatures off to settlements. They are now completely protected and all catfish that can be acquired in Umbria are bred in captivity. They flourish in captivity, but any smuggling of the creature from the wild will result in fines or severe punishment.

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