Coalings are odd creatures that dwell in large piles of coal. They start life encased within a large coal rock which is slowly refined as they move about within the coal. Eventually, they sprout legs and begin to move about more freely. Naturally they are both blind and deaf, but have an amazing sense of smell. They have tiny feelers they can extend to detect even the slightest vibrations to compensate.

How to find itEdit

They can be found in the Atelier, or bred Coalings can be found in the Sanctuary.

Codex InformationEdit

Like their name sake, coalings are mostly found in caves where coal is found. There they only come out of hiding to feed on any organic matter. Many miners' lunches have disappeared because of these creatures. Coalings appear more commonly in urban areas during the Winterlune festival as coal consumption reaches its peak.

They have an odd ability to sense the guilty consciences of people and hide themselves among the belongings of those who are guilty. Some parents will even seek out a coaling and hide it in a giftbox for their child as punishment for their misdeeds during the year. When the unsuspecting child opens their gift, the coaling springs out of the box, usually with a note tied on it listing whatever they did wrong on it. One urban legend states that a child once received 200 coalings and was forced to raise them as punishment for a very bad prank he pulled on the town during the year.

Other InformationEdit

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