Coruscating UnicornEdit

  • Egg
  • Hatchling
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female

The Coruscating Unicorn are based on the mythological unicorns. The unicorns were the first Emporium creatures on the site. They have remained at their price point of 400 Electrum since they were introduced, and were the first creatures with the Shop rarity.

How to find it Edit

The Coruscating Unicorn is a Shop creature found in the Emporium for 400 Electrum. These creatures cannot breed, so the only place to get one is the Emporium or buying it from a user in the Marketplace.

Codex Information Edit

Coruscating Unicorn young run through open pastures and fields throughout the entire day to enhance their already excellent stamina. It is said the healthier the young, the more vivid and flowing their mane is. Due to their tremendous amount of stamina, they have been used in place of most modern race horses for gambling games. While unhealthy for the population, the young don't seem to mind as long as they get three square meals of hay and corn throughout the day.

Fully grown Coruscating Unicorns are considered to be one of the most majestic and most prized naturally-born pets. The mane and hooves of this majestic and calm-natured creature gleam in any light. Due to these glittering attributes, this breed of unicorn is sought out for its glittery properties, which are said to be magical, and its blood is said to cure even the sickest of any creature. Coruscating Unicorns are low in population due to over-hunting.

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Height- 5'9"
  • Weight- 472 lbs
  • Scientific name- Rinocerotum Splendens
  • Artist- Kerosena[1]
  • Fun Fact- These creatures were once called Nightfall Unicorns, but the name was changed sometime after the creatures release. You can still see this old name in the credits thread.