Maple VixlidEdit

Maple Vixlids were the first release for artist "Dis." They were loosely based off of foxes and various types of birds.

How to find it Edit

Maple Vixlids were originally sold in March of 2012 for 2 platinum and have since been re-released once in May of 2013.

Descirption Edit

Maple Vixlid young are easily distracted and will keep their attention on whatever is making the most motion. They awkwardly scamper around, often tripping over their own legs.

Maple Vixlids are born "hardwired" to divert their attention to whatever is moving around. Originally, the creatures were forest predators, making the trait useful. Upon domestication, however, the trait has become somewhat redundant, as it essentially makes them unable to focus on their owner when leaves are blowing off in the distance. With proper training, however, a Vixlid can be broken of this habit.

Fully-grown Maple Vixlids have outgrown their juvenile habits and are quite capable of remaining focused. Vixlids are very affectionate and will eagerly greet their owner.

Mature Maple Vixlids are significantly more mellow than their younger selves, content to roam around mostly unheard. Their ear tufts are indicative of their mood - when threatened or sad, the tufts are flattened; when trying to be intimidating, up go the tufts. The creatures are very devoted to their owner and are unlikely to leave his or her side.

Sprites Edit


EggHatchlingAdult FemaleAdult Male


HatchlingAdult FemaleAdult Male

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Artist: Dis