Night MareEdit

  • Egg
  • Male Hatchling
  • Female Hatchling
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female

The Night Mare is a creature based off of a horse. They were the first creatures to share an egg with another creature (The Al Rakhsh Erith).

How to find it Edit

The Night Mare is a common creature found in the Atelier. It shares an egg with the Al-Raksh Erith species, therefore there is a 50/50 chance of picking a Night Mare egg. This creature can breed, so one may find eggs in the Sanctuary as well. If you breed a Night Mare, they will always produce Night Mare eggs, never Al Rakhsh Erith eggs.

Codex Information Edit

A baby Night Mare isn't even close to being as mighty as a full-grown. Hardly even able to stand on all fours with ease, a baby Night Mare can only carry a tenth of a full-grown's weight capacity. Also, a baby Night Mare isn't even intimidating in the least. In fact, it's more humorous to watch a baby try to trot and attempt to be intimidating more than anything. Perhaps even a tad adorable.

Night Mares, a large breed that is a branch off of the "Equus ferus", known as the "Wild Horse", were created to bear the weight of large and heavy loads. Night Mares were also created to be used in warfare of varying kinds. The crimson eyes of these intimidating creatures, as well as their sharp and jagged teeth will stop nearly anyone, or anything dead in their tracks, out of fear for their very life.

Other Creature Information Edit

  • Height: 6'11"
  • Weight: 910 lbs
  • Scientific name: Equum Horribilum
  • Artist: Corteo