The Putti Bird is a very common type of creature. They are most commonly obtained for the shiny versions of them, as they come in many colors.

How To Find ThemEdit

You can find them in the Atelier during a Putti swarm, or  in the sanctuary after or during a swarm, as they are normally abandoned. They cannot breed, because they are an event creature.


Putti bird chicks are nigh-indistinguishable from wads of fluff. When not sleeping in a curled-up position, they are begging for food.

The Adult Putti bird is incredibly noisy. They sing when they're awake, chirp when they're eating, and purr/snore when they're sleeping. They have a habit of eating anything in sight and destroying what they can't digest. When not eating-a rare occurence - they sleep, curled up into balls that tuck their beaks away.

Other InformationEdit

Artist- Wookieinmashoo